Saturday, 18 August 2012

A New Desk

Deep within the garage has been a desk that has gone unused for 11 years since my hubby stopped working for himself and rejoined the 'employed' ranks.  After we moved we had no where for the desk to fit so it just stayed in the garage.  After one hard weekend of garage sorting out, I finally found a place for it to go in the play room/dining room/conservatory/craft room and I now have a place to sit and create.  I made loads of cards when it was first moved into it's new home and I have to say that I love sitting at my desk.  When my mojo deserts me I can gaze out onto the garden.  If it gets too hot (are there any conservatories that don't?) my desk is right by the door which, when opened allows a nice breeze (and the door opens onto a shaded area so no really hot sun all day).

I have also been having a really big clear up of my stash - amazing how much better that alone can make you feel.  Some has gone onto e-bay, some went to car boot sales and some of it just went into the bin!  I can't believe I actually used to like some of the stuff I came across.  I have lots of folders each neatly holding varios topper and decoupage sheets, my Big Shot is within easy reach and the printer is just an arm stretch away.

I haven't taken a picture of my desk yet but as soon as I have one I shall post it randomly in the middle of something else.  Meanwhile, I shall enjoy sharing some of my creations over the next few days.

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Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

I love a good clear-out . . . definitely helps to create cards afterwards.

I love that you've found a home for your abandoned desk and wish you many happy hours creating at it.