Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Daughter's Birthday Invitations

These took hours to put together! I only made 16 but each of the letters were cut individually and then stuck on with my faithful Quickie Glue Pen. I did the majority of it whilst watching Team GB get beat at curling during the Winter Olympics! Had lots of lovely comments from the mum's at school though so it was worth it. The word invitation is acutally silver mirri card although I can never photograph it very well.

Patchwork Pals cards

I've head these characters from QVC/Kanban described as Marmite - either love them or hate them! I love them (I like Marmite too!) and recently I've used them for quite a few cards as they're fairly quick makes. Sometimes it feels like cheating when I don't stamp and colour an image but sometimes life just takes over and at least I haven't yet succumbed to sending a shop bought card to anyone.

Last few pages

I've left dst on the last page so that she add a photo from her actual birthday

Next set of pages

Scrapbook Album

Here are the first pages of the album I made for my friend's 40th birthday. I've never done a whole album before - not even for myself so it was quite a challenge. Didn't think I'd get it finished on time but got there in the end. Hope she likes it! The hardest part was choosing which photo's to use - her hubby sent me loads on a disc and there were lots that I wanted to use but just couldn't fit them in.

First Easel Card

Sorry, long time without blogging - been really busy with work and also making a little scrapbook album for my friend's 40th birthday. There was a time when I didn't think I'd get it finished but I'm happy to say that it was all done in time and has been posted off in time for her birthday this weekend.
I've been meaning to have a go at making an easel card for ages and finally got around to it with this one. Unfortunately I ran out of chipboard zero's so I had to use a letter o instead. Hopefully it won't look too obvious. I could really do with some more zero's but I think they only come with the other numbers of which I still have plenty.